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  • Mythos
  • Mythos, is a story that combines mythology and the mentality of the society in Ancient Greece with the darkness and intolerance of the Middle Ages in Europe. In such an era the life of a young boy, called Ark Keanos, unfolds. His troubles begin the moment he leaves his little island in order to save his father. He will gradually find out how cruel the world is and how difficult it is for one to be loyal to his ideals in order to fulfil his personal goals. Ark will be forced to live in a society based on raw violence, cruelty, fraud and well hidden secrets of the people in power, in a society in which one finds it difficult to distinguish his friends from his enemies. All the above along with epic battles and countless overthrows will travel you to an imaginary, exciting world.
  • Writer: Kariofillis-Christos Hatzopoulos, Raphael Voutsidis
  • Pencils: Manos Lagouvardos
  • Inks: Manos Lagouvardos
  • Colors: Manos Lagouvardos
  • Cover Artist: Manos Lagouvardos
  • CBT Created By: Dmytro Yaroshenko, Nikitas Efimidis
  • Published By: Mangatellers
  • More Info: