Meltdown Boston Comic Con 2013 The Fro:  Origin
Vigilance Stan Lee's Soldier Zero Omega One #1
Fear Itself #1 Irredeemable Alpha Gods:   Betrayal
Dark Pulsar and the Mistery Behind the Number 7 Battle Hymn Stan Lee's Starborn




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5 Shots
  • 5 Shots
  • If crime doesn't pay - it can still clear a lot of debts...Jay Nova is a private investigator - at least, that's what her badge and business cards say...some claim she's more...word is: she'll move in silence to get what you need...find out more in 5 Shots, a new force in crime fiction and graphic novel collections that takes you where back alley deals, deception, and violence are business as usual. Crime drama in the dime pulp tradition, showing a place where violence isn't the best answer ... just the only one.
  • Writer: Jemir Robert Johnson
  • Pencils: Various
  • Inks: Various
  • Published By: Creative Elamentz Studios
  • More Info: