The Fro:  Origin Vigilance Stan Lee's Soldier Zero
Omega One #1 Fear Itself #1 Irredeemable
Alpha Gods:   Betrayal Dark Pulsar and the Mistery Behind the Number 7 Battle Hymn
Stan Lee's Starborn Meltdown Boston Comic Con 2013




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  • Hellbound
  • (MATURE READERS) Humanity has always been fascinated by the dark. They invented monsters to inhabit the shadows and then they invented magic heroes to battle those monsters. Now see for yourself. Blow out the candle. Walk through the darkness and emerge on the other side. There are many things buried here. We begin with Volume 1, "The Gods Go Begging Here."
  • Writer: Joshua Yancey, Casey Wooden
  • Pencils: Interior Art by: Joshua Yancey
  • Letters: Joshua Yancey
  • Cover Artist: Photography by Dreamstime, Inc.
  • Published By: BK 2 UK Productions, Bodega Entertainment
  • More Info: