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What Happened to the Old Kampong Spirit?
  • What Happened to the Old Kampong Spirit?
  • WELCOME TO THE MACABRE MIDNIGHT MOVIE. Singapore /Malaysia circa 1950s-60s. Millions of movie fans throng the cinemas to catch the terrifying tales of the monstrous Orang Minyak and the blood-sucking Pontianak! Both nations are gripped in a frenzy of delicious mind-numbing horror! But alas, within a decade, the darkened cinema halls would empty out and the legendary spirits of the silver screen would vanish...into the dark recesses of a collective unconscious. Fast-forward to present day Singapore. Dusting off the old archives of the Cathay Keris and Shaw Brothers classic black and white horror films, we have completely re-imagined and updated the genre for a new generation to enjoy. So take a seat and grab your kacang-putih. We are about to scare the living daylights out of you! And we guarantee you are going to love every single moment of it. Shh... the curtains about to rise...
  • Writer: Ramesh Kula, Hamzah Alsagoff
  • Pencils: Knightsbridge Comm Studios
  • Published By: Blackcherry Media
  • More Info: