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Creepy Scarlett #1
  • Creepy Scarlett #1
  • At the edge of a small town stands a bridge, beyond that bridge lies a graveyard. In that graveyard amongst the rows of old tombstones, forgotten names and broken bones lives a girl, a girl named Creepy Scarlett. Along with Mr Ted, her only companion since childhood, these are the stories & adventures of Creepy Scarlett...Creepy Scarlett Vs. Zombies part 1. Scarlett unwittingly unleashes an army of the undead and battles to stop them crossing the bridge into town. Creepy Scarlett Vs. Pumpkinface Scarlett encounters a girl named Lisa and crosses paths with Pumpkinface as Scarlett's oldest enemy, the order of the red sun once again try to harness Scarlett's power for their own gain.
  • Writer: Graeme Buchan
  • Pencils: Ozzy Longoria, J.C. Grande, Nadica Boskovska
  • Inks: Ozzy Longoria, J.C. Grande
  • Colors: Jessica Jimerson
  • Cover Artist: Ozzy Longoria
  • CBT Created By: Graeme Buchan
  • Published By: Last Sunset Comics
  • More Info: http://www.facebook.com/CreepyScarlett