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Romulus + Remus
  • Romulus + Remus
  • Romulus + Remus follows the life of Roman, The Concrete Angel. Dropped onto this Earth off the coast of Italy, he seeks to break free of the past that tries to control him. Roman's struggle to define his own personal crusade proves to be a battle more internal than against the worlds around him. The series explores concepts of duality: hero and villain, devil and saint, justice and injustice, but more importantly the threshold between these sides. Where do the poles reverse and one becomes the other? Where are neither sides distinguishable and lies therein the void between?
  • Writer: Scott A. Ford
  • Pencils: Scott A. Ford
  • Inks: Scott A. Ford
  • Colors: Scott A. Ford
  • Cover Artist: Scott A. Ford
  • CBT Created By: Scott A. Ford
  • More Info: