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Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter
  • Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter
  • From the mind of Jenna Jameson, NY Times Bestselling author and iconic entertainer and written by Christina Z (WITCHBLADE) comes a dark tale of one woman's struggle with forces beyond ordinary perception. In this Special Oversized issue, star artist Mukesh Singh (GAMEKEEPER) illustrates the beginning of the saga. A young, orphaned, beautiful woman attempts to make a life for herself in the big city. As she grapples with mundane problems like making rent and a creepy manager at work, something deeper brews; a nagging suspicion that her life is not her own. Seeking answers (not to mention extra cash) she enrolls in a past life regression experiment which seems to ignite visions of a demonic past that no one can explain. Then comes the titillating and strangely dangerous power she's not sure she can control, and a mysterious guy with the sword who just won't leave her alone. It's one hell of a day for our heroine, especially when she discovers who her real father is.
  • Writer: Christina Z.
  • Pencils: Mukesh Singh
  • Cover Artist: Greg Horn
  • Published By: Virgin Comics
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