Blood Sentence Immortal Kiss #2 Zero Hunters
Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade Tempest #1
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The Blood Rider #1
  • The Blood Rider #1
  • The Origin of the Blood Rider! "Baptized in Blood" tells the story of Ezekiel Carson and how he becomes a vampire in the Old West. Cursed to roam the untamed west as a vampire, Ezekiel Carson, once a devoted man of God, is haunted by his past. Feeding on bandits and spending his nights satisfying his endless lusts, he has found his life is empty. Saddle up and hit the bloody trail with the first Blood and Spurs adventure.
  • Writer: Mark Tarrant
  • Pencils: Matt Ryan
  • Inks: Matt Ryan
  • Letters: Steve Kuster
  • Published By: Free Lunch Comics
  • More Info: