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Infestacion:  Hell's Pass
  • Infestacion: Hell's Pass
  • Welcome to El Paso, TX, population DEAD! From the minds that brought you EL VALIENTE and LOS MEKSMEN, comes the newest creation from Adversary Comix and 656 Comics that's sure to leave you slack jawed and hungry for more! When a zombie epidemic explodes in El Paso, TX. El Paso quickly becomes HELL'S PASS! Three unlikely heroes , bastards by trade and heroes by heart, must find a way to escape HELL'S PASS. With only their wits, machetes, and balls, they're going to have a zombie-tastic terror filled sojourn in order to save the girls, smoke some cigarettes, drink some beer and try to find an opening through the gates of hell! A Three-issue mini series based on concepts created in 656 Comics' INFESTACION series, INFESTACION: HELL'S PASS, is sure to become an instant cult hit. Especially with the blessing of George A. Romero himself! EXTREME GORE AND EXTREME SITUATIONS! MATURE READERS ONLY!
  • Writer: Ray Ramos (Based on concepts created by 656 Comics)
  • Pencils: Villano Montanenas
  • Inks: Villano Montanenas
  • Cover Artist: Alex Riegel
  • Published By: Adversary Comix
  • More Info: