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Doris Danger:  Giant Monster Adventures
  • Doris Danger: Giant Monster Adventures
  • Giant monsters! Their existence is incontrovertible -- at least to those who have had a close encounter with them. Doris Danger is one of those unlucky few, and she's determined to prove to the world's unbelievers that these colossal creatures roam the Earth. Armed only with her camera, she places herself in unfathomably perilous situations in order to get that perfect picture! Doris's exploits will be published this November by SLG Publishing in Doris Danger: Giant Monster Stories by Chris Wisnia. The 96-page, black-and-white graphic novel follows Doris as she attempts to document the truth, defying those who will do anything to cover up the existence of giant monsters. With classic, Kirby-inspired artwork and a tongue-in-cheek Silver-Age tone, Doris's exploits are a dose of dangerous fun.
  • Writer: Chris Wisnia
  • Pencils: Chris Wisnia
  • Inks: Chris Wisnia
  • Cover Artist: Chris Wisnia
  • Published By: SLG Publishing
  • More Info: