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Java Town and Other Unlikely Destinations
  • Java Town and Other Unlikely Destinations
  • Tired of long lines at the airport or road trips that lead nowhere? Sick of the same old monuments and dusty geologic formations? Now you can visit fascinating, non-existent locales from the comfort of your favorite reading spot. Exclusively with this book you will see such sights as Java Town: the city that never sleeps - because it can't; Surly Flats: Trailer parks and waitresses as far as the eye can see; and Manville: Beer, buds, and big screen TV as well as other (and other worldly) stops along the way. Java Town collects stories from the ongoing webcomic by Scott Saavedra and combines them with stories from the Java Town comic book series previously published by SLG.
  • Writer: Scott Saavedra
  • Pencils: Scott Saavedra
  • Inks: Scott Saavedra
  • Cover Artist: Scott Saavedra
  • Published By: SLG Publishing
  • More Info: