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The Powers That Be! #1
  • The Powers That Be! #1
  • Barefoot Bullet - super speedster and quick talker! Buxom Blonde - hypnotically endowed bombshell! Chi - haunted martial artists! Diesel - genius auto mechanic with a computer girlfriend! Sybil - multi-personalitied crime-fighter! Together they are the Powers That Be! When Pentagon City comes under the attack of a 50 foot metal monster, the solo crime fighters join their abilities to put it down, but the giant Malcontent has other plans! With extra help from a self-aware computer system, an ancient Chinese warrior and the powerful He-Woman, the Powers That Be may just get the job done. All this and ... B.T.O.?
  • Writer: Todd Goodman
  • Pencils: Cory Butler
  • Inks: Cory Butler
  • Colors: Cory Butler
  • Letters: Todd Goodman
  • Cover Artist: Cory Butler
  • CBT Created By: Daniel Frazier
  • Published By: Old World Comics
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